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Would you like to know yourself better and make decisions that are aligned with your true self?

I can assist you find clarity on your path to alignment through Human Design and Reiki.

What is Human Design?

Human Design show us how to operate and live life to our fullest potential.

It is a tool that assist us to know how to live and embrace our true self.

You know that manual to navigate life sometimes we wish we have? Well, we do.

Let me help you feel more confident with who you are and what you came in this world to do.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is energy healing. It is a Japanese technique that reduces stress or even physical pain.

It means “universal life energy” and promotes personal, emotional & spiritual growth.

Reiki will remove energy blockages in your body, creating balance and alignment for your life.

About Me

Bruna Friggi

Reiki Practitioner & Human Design Reader

Hey, it’s Bruna. I have a passion for helping people align themselves and live the life they truly deserve.

I will guide you back to who you are truly meant to be with Reiki healing & Human Design.

If you are curious about finding yet the best version of you, contact me here.


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